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BIO / Emma Cassidy

I am a media maker based in Seattle, Washington, focused on event photography, photo editing, media production, and communications for non-profit organizations. I shoot with a documentary style and enjoy working outside photographing in natural light. I am also trained as a commercial photographer and am available to photograph portraits, events, families, weddings, landscapes, and travel.

I've been documenting social justice movements for over a decade, ever since joining Project Survival Media as a youth photographer back in 2009. I later interned for the Senior Photo Editor at Greenpeace USA and learned how to advocate for environmental causes through strong imagery. I now work as a media producer and photo archivist for Survival Media Agency, as well as doing freelance work.


Throughout the years I have photographed for many other environmental and social justice organizations and my photographs have been published in Teen Vogue, USA Today, Grist, The Nation, Seattle Weekly, The Progressive, Mashable, Yes! Magazine, and many other news outlets.

If you are interested in working with me on a future assignment, please send me an email:


Instagram: @eacas

Survival Media Agency:

National Press Photographers Association:







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